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Benefits of Hiring a Live-In Caregiver

Taking care of an aging parent can be challenging, especially if you have a family to take care of. Sometimes, hiring help is better than taking on all the caregiving responsibilities yourself. We at Jones Health Care Services can provide home care services in Silver Spring, Maryland, to help lighten your load. 

Our home aides can assist clients with activities of daily living such as climbing stairs and walking around the house. They can also help with tasks like eating meals, taking a bath, and using the toilet. 

Our homemaking providers can also help out with light household chores like cleaning and doing the laundry, or running simple errands like grocery shopping and refilling prescriptions. Our goal is to make daily life easier for our clients, so they can spend more time doing the things they love with the persons they love.

Our services for assisted living in Maryland also involve providing care related to memory loss. For example, we ensure clients take the right medications on time by managing their medication regimen for them. 

We hope that providing all this help and more will allow you and your loved ones to sleep soundly at night and live your lives to the fullest, knowing your loved one is safe under our care. Learn more about our personal care services today.

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