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Common Safety Hazards to Look Out for at Home

Seniors may prefer to recover at home. Our homes are made to preserve our safety and comfort. However, many hazards can still exist in these living spaces. 

Here at Jones Health Care Services, we make it our mission to help you live a safe and healthy life through our home care services in Silver Spring, Maryland. One major part of staying healthy is preserving your safety. Let us discuss several safety hazards you need to look out for at home.

  • Slippery Floors

    As we provide assisted living in Maryland, we know that some floors in a home’s area can become slippery. Water often ends up on the floors of showers, bathrooms, and kitchens, which can heighten the risk of slipping and falling. Be sure to explore non-slip flooring to avoid these dangerous situations.

  • Staircases

    One of the most common dangerous areas in any home is the staircase. The risk of injury-causing accidents can be higher in stairs. People with compromised health may also have a hard time navigating steps. Make sure your professional caregivers assist you every time you use the stairs.

  • Excessive Clutter

    Clutter exists in every home. But they can threaten your safety when they become excessive. Excessive clutter can obstruct passageways, making it harder to navigate your home. Through proper homemaking, you can avoid excessive clutter.

  • Rooms with Tools and Equipment

    There are also areas in homes that contain tools and dangerous pieces of equipment. Rooms such as the kitchen, garage, and basement all have objects that inflict injury. Be sure to keep your loved ones out of these areas.

Let us help you live a safe life at home! Reach us today to learn more about our care services.


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