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Dementia Care: Tips for Easier Communication

Looking after a loved one with dementia poses many challenges. Individuals diagnosed with dementia have a progressive brain disorder that will make it harder for them to think, remember things, and communicate over time. Hence, many families rely on home aides to help take care of their evolving needs at home.

As a dementia care provider, we will share effective tips to improve communication with a loved one with dementia:

  • Set a positive mood.
    Your body language and attitude make a difference when communicating. You can set a positive mood for interaction by using a pleasant and respectful tone. Use facial experience and physical touch when appropriate to express your feelings and convey your message.
  • Limit distractions.
    Get the person’s attention by limiting distractions, such as closing the curtains or turning off the television. Identify yourself by name and use concise language in a calm, reassuring tone. This will make it easier to communicate and perform tasks like personal care.
  • Break down activities into small steps.
    Breaking down activities like bathing or eating can help make them more manageable. Encourage your loved one to do what they can and provide gentle reminders when they forget a step. Visual cues like showing them which task to perform next can be helpful too.

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