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Helpful Tips to Stay Mobile at Home

Staying mobile is a crucial part of life. We can participate in hobbies and stay productive when we have strong mobility. Unfortunately, this mobility can decline as we age, which can hurt our safety and quality of life.

Here at Jones Health Care Services, we want to help you stay healthy through our range of home care services in Silver Spring, Maryland. While declining mobility can happen to anyone, we understand that you can adopt several habits to counter its effects. Let us dive deeper into the many ways you can preserve your mobility.

  • Staying Active

    Preserving your mobility means staying consistently active. Adopting an active lifestyle strengthens your muscles, bones, joints, and other systems in your body. Simple activities like walking and stretching can go a long way when preserving your mobility. With a qualified care companion, staying active can be easier.

  • Care and Assistance

    You can also be more mobile when you receive care and assistance from professional caregivers. They have the skills and expertise to meet your needs at home. Navigating your living space can be more efficient with their help.

  • Use Ambulation Devices

    Providing assisted living in Maryland has allowed us to witness the impact of ambulation devices on our clients’ lives. Wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters all improve their mobility. These devices can make moving more efficient, which can restore one’s independence.

  • Make the Right Home Modifications

    You also have the option to make home modifications to help with your mobility. Renovations like widening doorways using non-slip flooring can make it easier to navigate your living space. If you need quality home care services for your loved ones, we are here for you. Feel free to call us today for your inquiries.


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