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How Can We Improve Home Safety for Seniors?

Today, more seniors are expressing a desire to age in place. With services like senior care in Silver Spring, Maryland, aging healthily in place is now made possible. In addition to that, there are changes that need to be made to ensure safety for seniors. Here, we discuss ways to improve home safety for older adults:

  • Foster a safer home environment.

    To prevent fall-related accidents, consider having home aides around at home to help out. Beyond that, remove loose items like throw rugs or electrical cords that can cause trips. Declutter and pick up loose piles of mementos and clothing to prevent falls. It may also be time to upgrade your senior’s lighting at home to make it easier for them to see things clearly.

  • Establish healthy routines.

    Aside from making modifications to their environment, caregivers can also help seniors establish healthy routines. With personal care, seniors receive help with physical activity, hygiene, and daily tasks. This may entail developing healthy lifestyle habits that promote good sleep, social interaction, and stress relief.

  • Manage medications safely.

    An in-home caregiver can help seniors manage their medications safely by providing daily medication reminders. This may also entail throwing away old or expired medications and helping seniors organize their medications. They can also keep track of health changes and side effects to promote optimal health.

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