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How Can We Prevent Social Isolation Among Seniors?

Social isolation is a common, growing problem among older adults. As we age, many of us lose our social resources when we retire and as we spend more time at home. Health concerns and mobility limitations can also prevent seniors from going out and spending time with others. As a dementia care provider, we share ways to prevent social isolation among seniors:

  • Join a social club.

    Taking part in a social club is an easy way to prevent feelings of loneliness and social isolation among seniors. Home aides can assist seniors in looking into local clubs and organizations to see if there are any that are of interest. Clubs provide an opportunity for seniors to meet new people who share common interests.

  • Focus on family time.

    Encourage visitors to stop by and keep your senior loved one company. Focus on family time and plan regular visits. This provides an opportunity to catch up, take part in bonding activities, or just sit and chat. You can also reach out to local friends and neighbors and ask them to stop by and visit your loved one if they are able. They can also keep a friendly eye out in case anything seems amiss.

  • Arrange additional help.

    In addition to delivering personal care, in-home caregivers can also keep seniors company. Caregivers offer practical assistance with daily tasks like meal preparation. Beyond that, they also offer social support and provide much-needed companionship for older adults.

We at Jonas Health Care Services understand the importance of maintaining social ties as we age. As a leading provider of senior care in Silver Spring, Maryland, we deliver companionship care as part of our service. Discuss your care options—get in touch with us.


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