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Keeping Seniors Loved through Companionship Care

As seniors grow older, they tend to feel lonelier, especially when they live alone. Left unchecked, these feelings of loneliness can quickly turn into depression, and being depressed can negatively affect their overall health and wellness. At Jones Health Care Services, our caregivers are excellent at providing companion care services. 

Our personal care providers engage clients in lively conversations throughout the day, so they feel cared for and understood. They also entertain clients through fun activities based on their hobbies and interests. For example, they can join clients who like the outdoors for walks around the neighborhood or read books to clients who enjoy reading. 

For clients who have memory problems and are receiving dementia care, our caregivers can keep track of important things like anniversaries and birthdays. They can help clients keep in touch with families and friends through voice and video calls. They can also accompany them on the occasional in-person meetup with loved ones.

By keeping clients engaged in discussing and doing the things they love and keeping them surrounded by the people they love most through assisted living in Maryland, we can keep them from feeling lonely and depressed.

If you are looking for the best senior care in Silver Spring, Maryland, we are ready to lend you a hand. Call us at 202-520-2802 to learn more about our services.

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