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Senior Falls: What Should a Doctor Check After a Fall?

For our elderly loved ones, one bad fall can be devastating to their health and overall well-being. A recent fall can signify a new and serious medical problem that requires treatment. Moreover, a previous fall increases the risk of future falls. Hence, it’s important to be proactive about senior care in Silver Spring, Maryland, and visit the doctor. Here’s what your senior loved one’s doctor should check after a fall:

  • Assess new underlying illnesses.

    Doctors generally check for new underlying illnesses when seniors experience generalized weakness and delirium. New health problems that can cause weakness and falls include urinary tract infections, pneumonia, anemia, and dehydration. Home aides can provide insight into any symptoms your loved one may be exhibiting.

  • Blood pressure and pulse reading.

    Your loved one’s healthcare provider should check their blood pressure and pulse reading when sitting. This is especially important if you have been worried about falls or near-falls associated with fainting or light-headedness. If your loved one takes blood pressure medication, make sure their doctor confirms the fall was not caused by a drop in blood pressure while standing.

  • Review your list of medications.

    Many seniors take medicines that increase the risk of falls. In addition to respite care, caregivers can relay what kind of medications your loved one is taking. Some of these medications can often be reduced or eliminated. This may entail blood pressure and diabetes medications, opiate pain medications, and any sedatives or sleeping medications.

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