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Strategies for Effective Incontinence Care

Incontinence is a common condition among seniors and entails a loss of bladder control that often leads to uncontrollable urine leakage. It can happen for many reasons, including infection and constipation. Hence, many seniors rely on home aides to address incontinence and help manage bladder control issues.

As a leading provider of senior care in Silver Spring, Maryland, we will share strategies to manage incontinence in older adults:

  • Avoid certain foods and drinks.
    Many common foods and beverages can trigger incontinence. Common examples of bladder irritants include spicy foods, acidic fruits, coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol, and carbonated drinks. Encourage your loved one to drink water and minimize trigger foods and beverages to manage incontinence.
  • Follow a bathroom schedule.
    A regular bathroom schedule is a great way to get a senior’s bodily functions accustomed to going at specific times. Create a routine by asking your loved one to use the toilet regularly. A caregiver can also provide 24 hr care and assist seniors in getting used to the schedule and reducing the chances of having an accident.
  • Waterproof the mattress.
    Accidents can leave a mess on your senior’s clothes and furniture. To get ahead of the problem and make it easier to clean up, waterproof the furniture your loved one uses the most. A fabric protector can be used with waterproof bed and sofa covers, along with absorbent bed pads. It is also good to provide them with a companion to help them immediately whenever accidents happen.

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