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Strategies to Keep Seniors Socially Connected

We all need social connections to survive and thrive. As we age, however, staying socially connected becomes more of a challenge. Factors like the loss of a spouse, loved ones moving away, and lack of access to transportation can increase feelings of loneliness and cause social isolation. As a dementia care provider, we discuss ways to keep older adults socially connected.

  • Encourage loved ones to visit.

    Home aides and family caregivers can encourage the senior’s friends and family members to visit and stay awhile. Reach out to local friends and trusted neighbors who can keep the senior company. Adult children and grandchildren can also schedule regular visits to stay in touch and combat feelings of loneliness.

  • Fuel new interests and hobbies.

    In addition to homemaking, caregivers can encourage seniors to pursue their interests. Hobbies like birdwatching or reading can be done with social clubs or hobby groups that share similar interests. Seniors can also seek volunteer opportunities to stay connected with their communities.

  • Join an exercise or fitness class.

    Joining a fitness class is an excellent way for seniors to stay in shape while meeting other people in the community. Exercise classes like water aerobics and yoga add a social element to prevent social isolation while promoting physical health benefits.

We at Jones Health Care Services understand the importance of consistent and high-quality socialization to senior health. As a leading provider of senior care in Silver Spring, Maryland, we offer companionship services to our clients. Get in touch with us for more details about our home care services.


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