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Tips for a Better Night’s Rest for Seniors

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. That’s a fact that’s well-known, but many still find it hard to have a good sleep. There are several reasons for this, like overworking or staying late at night watching your favorite show.

Getting good sleep is most important for seniors. There’s senior care in Silver Spring, Maryland, that recognizes the importance of it.

At Jones Health Care Services, our home aides can make a comprehensive schedule for seniors, including their sleep schedule. They’ll make sure your loved one is well-rested the following day.

Here are some tips we can share with you:

  • Establish a Routine
    Ensure that your loved one has a schedule for everything. Have a companion or helper help him with the scheduling if you’re not available. This way, they can be consistent with their tasks, including sleeping.
  • Find a Reputable Caregiver
    If your loved one has dementia, find a dementia care service that has reputable caregivers. They know how important sleep is for seniors.
  • Have a Comfortable Bedroom
    One of the important things to note if you want your loved one to have a good night’s rest is giving them a comfortable bedroom setup. Personal care helpers can help you with this.

Follow these tips, and for sure, your loved one will be well-rested every night. Contact us!

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