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Tips to Help Seniors Adjust to Home Care

Home care is an excellent option for seniors that promotes a higher quality of life. Unlike assisted living in Maryland, this type of care can be received at home for seniors who wish to age in place. In addition to choosing the right home care provider, it’s just as crucial to helping your senior loved one adjust to receiving additional help.

Likewise, we will share tips to help your loved one adjust to receiving in-home care:

  • Be patient and compassionate.
    It’s natural for seniors to resist change when they have been living independently for so long. When your loved one refuses to receive help from a companion, try to understand their point of view. Talk about their reasons for refusal and highlight the benefits of home care. Transitioning to in-home care is a major life change, but the process can be easy with patience and compassion.
  • Include them in decision-making.
    Increase your loved one’s involvement in c. It gives seniors more control over personal care and lifestyle for independence and ensures their needs.
  • Address your loved one’s needs.
    Discuss which areas your senior loved one needs help with. Whether they need assistance with their hygiene routine or preparing meals, professional caregivers can provide the right level of support. It is also a great way to address your loved one’s fears to ease their anxiety.

We at Jones Health Care Services offer high-quality and reliable home care services in Silver Spring, Maryland. To help your senior loved one adjust to in-home care, we offer a wide range of services to meet their unique needs. Feel free to call us to discuss your loved one’s needs and care preferences with our staff.

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