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Helping Seniors Eat Well and Stay Fit

Eating well and exercising regularly are essential for every person’s health and wellness. However, it can be hard to get seniors the nutrition and physical activity they need. At Jones Health Care Services, our professional caregivers are experts regarding these matters.

Our caregivers can come up with meal plans and prepare meals that satisfy the client’s dietary restrictions and nutritional requirements while being delicious at the same time. They can also help feed clients during mealtimes, as part of our personal care services.

Similarly, our home aides can come up with an exercise regimen that is safe and effective for their clients to do on a daily basis. They can personally guide clients through stretches and exercises that will improve their flexibility, mobility, and strength, in order to prevent falls and other accidents as included in our services. Moreover, they can provide emergency first aid in case of emergencies.

Other services we provide include memory care, companionship care, and assistance with activities of daily living. We provide each of our clients with a 24 hr care program tailor fit to their individual health and wellness needs. Likewise, we assign the right caregiver who can work best with each client.

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